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05 May 2009

Life IS Better in Coach

How many of you have flown coach? Nothing special, right? However, how many of you have WORN Coach? Those of you who have know what I'm talking about; Coach purses shake the very foundation of ultimate fashion sense. Let's start back more than a few years ago with my mom. For as long as I can remember and probably for long before, my mother has had a shoe obsession. Her closet was always meticulously lined up with shoe boxes from floor to ceiling. I can easily summon up the vision of her standing in front of her closet after a shopping trip trying to squeeze in one more pair. Well, my sister has inherited a similar gene, but hers is passion for Coach purses. Every year on her birthday, Christmas, or Mother's Day, she calls me to proudly report that she has just gotten THE Coach purse, the one she has been visualizing night and day since the last time she saw it on a shopping trip. I don't claim to discern how many of these purses she has gotten her hands on, but every time I see her, she's sporting her latest Coach find.

I'm not a brand name sort of person. I’m more likely to ask myself the following question: Can I get this item cheaper if I can find it used? Bargains are my forte and if I discover name brand clothing items for seriously cheap (we are talking way, way under 20 bucks), then I will, without a doubt, buy them. For example, last weekend I decided to take a quick shopping trip to my favorite trendy used clothing store. Quite predictably, I tried on every pair of sandals that were in my size. And, unbelievably, I found two pairs of fabulously cheap and fashionable sandals to purchase. I had been making a concerted effort not to look at the racks of hip clothes that were beckoning to me for a quick look-through. I forcefully looked the other way only to have my eyes land right on the most modish purse I have ever seen. There it was, arresting rusty orange leather, hanging from a long, buckled (just the way I like 'em) strap. The purse had a considerably large tarnished zipper attached to funky leather cut tassels. Very vintage and 70's looking. Very urban cool. Very just my style.

Knowing from experience how swiftly the finest accessories are nabbed, I seized that purse promptly and made my claim. I gave the purse a once over and then carefully scrutinized it for faults, of which I found none. The inside had this timeless cool fabric, a perfectly sized compartment for my cell phone, a metal hook for my keys, no tears, scratches or rips that I could see, and appeared to be only a mere bit worn. I modeled it in the mirror. I looked GOOD in that purse. It enhanced my very being. There was no picturing life without it now.

I scooped up the now blasé sandals along with THE purse and dashed to the counter to purchase it, only then noticing the $40 price tag. I hesitated for a millisecond, deliberating the high cost versus the must-have, only to come to the conclusion that this purse was worth every one of my precious pennies. Without wavering, I handed my items to the fellow at the counter who said, "Girl, you got yourself the deal of the century. I myself was contemplating whether to buy this purse or not." Unexpectedly, I felt to urge to protect my almost purchased deal of the century. Looking directly in his eyes while pulling my shoulders back and standing up extra tall, I whispered to him in a pleasantly firm voice, "Well, I beat you to it didn't I?" Sorry. No one is getting this purse except me.

What he said next sealed the deal for me. "Coach purses go fast here." I tried to look nonchalant. It was a what? A Coach Purse? Holy mother of pearl, I have to call my sister this minute. I didn't even THINK to look at the label. My sister would be so proud (and maybe jealous once she sees it!). After an agonizing couple of minutes, the clerk handed me my change and asked if I wanted a bag for my items. I said, “No, I will be wearing this purse, thank you very much.” I might have boasted somewhat of a strut as I made my way back to my car with my new hip purse strung stylishly over my shoulder. As I drove away, I thought to myself, "Who would have thought, life IS better in Coach!"


  1. I AM jealous!! And I am so very, very proud of you and your find... I've been telling you for years that life is better in coach and I'm so happy that you have joined that happy club for only $40 bucks. I claim the next coach purse you find at BE for myself so don't even think about it... you go COACH GIRL!!!

    BTW the purse is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. That is the most beautiful orange purse ever. You had better enjoy it big sissy because next time I see you that purse is M-I-N-E!!!!!!