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10 June 2009

Extra Long and Loving It

Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself
and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.
-- Herbert Otto --

I love my feet. I always have. I think they look especially good when they are tanned from the summer sun and cleaned from the sand in the ocean. However, most of the time they are pale white and have a little bit of garden dirt stuck in between the nails. My toes are super long and I have always been able to reduce the sternest of people to laughing tears by displaying my innate abilities to do circus tricks with my toes. I can wave hello, give thumbs up with my big toe, spread out all my toes like a scary monster, pick up things and write with my toes. Warren likes to call them my extra set of fingers for he swears he has never seen toes so long and nimble. I wear three toe rings because it does help ease distance end to end making them look as if they are slightly shorter than they really are.

Usually when I pick out summer sandles, I try to find the ones that discreetly show only half of my toes, thereby making their length deceptively shrink a bit. However, this summer has been a different story. I am embracing my toes, my long toes. I couldn't help it. I found 3 pairs of cute sandles at Value Village, barely worn or not at all, all under $9. They were so cute in fact, that I ignored that I had broken my summer sandle rule - my toes actually looked extra long in them. I feel better now that I am not afraid to show my toes. Yes, it may be the cute sandles and the toe rings but I am more confident. When I catch anyone glancing down at my feet, I want to say to them: "Hey, what are you lookin at? Yeah, those are my toes and they are long huh. So get over it. I can do things with those toes you could never dream of doing with yours."

Life is short, my toes are long, and I must embrace it all to the fullest!


  1. You forgot to menting the LONG hair on the LONG toes.

  2. I have LONG toes too and I just so happen to LOVE them... I've been told (and I wholeheartedly believe) that long toes are a sign of intelligence!