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20 April 2009

Colin's weekend at Uncle Wu and Aunt Sas' house

Our house isn't all that kid-friendly. In fact, I think we have one kids book, a wig, some cool sunglasses and possibly some apple juice. Nevertheless, Colin entertained himself with our 3 dogs that served as his temporary play toys all weekend long.

Oh Bettis, you are so big but I sure love you!

Tahoe is my daddy's favorite! He tried to convince Aunt Sas and Uncle Wu to let us take him home!

Huckleberry's my buddy. She tried to jump over me when she jumped the gate!

Let's get all the dogs on the bed and have a dog pile!

Luckily, my cousin Ian came over to play with me.

And I went to the park with Aunt Sas, Jenny, Ruby and Trey!

Boy, what a weekend! I passed out in Daddy's arms!


  1. My aunt sas and uncle wu are the best...and I love them!


  2. Oh colin, you are so cute!

  3. What a good looking family!

  4. what a sweet boy...and great relatives:)

    sorry i didn't make it down to see Chris and Marty, we sat down to dinner less than 5 min after you called.