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13 May 2009

A Little Motivation Please

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.
~Spanish Proverb
Oh man, this should have been my motto from the day I was born. I guess I never realized it until recently but although I drew somewhat of a map of my future, I did it in pencil so I could take lots of detours along the way and change things up a bit if they weren't working out. I've never seen the point of setting anything in stone and letting this beautiful world pass me by because I was too busy to pay attention. I must be flexible like trees bending in the wind or I'll snap, literally. Roll with it, you know what I'm sayin?

Maybe it's the Taurus in me but I'm a bit lazy in the sense that I go through these phases where I get everything organized so I can sit back and do nothing until chaos takes over again. I won't constantly clean or perfect things just so that everything is always in place. If I did that, I'd never have my time to chill, which is essential for my well being.

But let me tell you, when I get something in my mind that I want to accompolish, nothing can get in my way, even if it's not conventional. I mean rules were meant to be bent right? Rules are just someone's idea of how something should be. Definitely many rules are meant to lessen our chances of falling in harm's way but other rules have no sense or at least don't leave room for exceptions.

Sometimes I have to pull myself out of my self-imposed slothfulness though. I've relaxed for a little too long and pandemonium is setting up all around me. It's the first step that is always the hardest to take. If it's a matter of life or death or some means of survival, that first step is no problem. But if the choice rests on something less life-changing, then I have a tendency towards putting it off for a bit or at least spending some time finding a different way to approach it that takes less energy.

I give 110% in my job, for my husband, my family, my animals and for my friends. I'll put everything I have into having a cool summer get-together or planning for a special event. I'll give extra time for causes I believe in. But when it comes down to it, once I'm done, I'm done. I can't keep going. It's time to slow down and enjoy the smaller and slower moments of life, letting routine fall by the wayside. I totally believe that I must have some sort of trust in the sense of where I am and where I want to go but it's nice to also just let life unfold as it should and be aware of when doors of opportunity are opened so I follow a new path once in a while.

Sometimes I think people think I may be a little less motivated because I didn't carve out a set path for myself or strive to be like the norm. But I do find extreme happiness in the comforts I have created in my life. And I see life for what it is - not perfect by any means and sometimes even cruel - but also full of wonder with endless time to contemplate that. So, I sit here fully conscious of the fact that there are more things that I could be doing other than laying my thoughts out here for you to chew on. This, my friend, is my motivation, my motivation to lay it all out there, these splendid words as if I invented them, because in doing so I am simutaneously motivated and comfortably tranquil. And that is exactly where I like to be.


  1. You are a Taurus - your "unconventional" path in life and your tendendy to go through "lazy phases" is written in your sign. You are simply following your stars!

    How perfectly you have articulated upon your self reflection. I, too, find blogging motivating with an underlying sense of peace and tranquility as I share my life and my thoughts with all.

  2. Um D and I thought you wrote this for us. We are exactly alike!!! That is why our song is "come waste your time with me". Whomever defined waste as always wasteful was wrong. xoxoxoxox Nightime notes: you spelled tendency wrong, that's for mom. :) xoxoxoxox

  3. tendendy, tendency - WHATEVER!!!! you know what I meant...