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05 August 2009

Change of Pace

I sit and think, what should I write about tonight. What was it about my day that inspired me? My day did start out on a good note - I got up almost on time. Miraculously, I pulled myself out of bed just a half hour after my alarm went off. That left me time to go for a jog with the dogs, leisurely sip my coffee and check the news. Getting up almost on time was inspiring.

At work I was able to be quite efficient, getting to piles and emails that needed attention. I had a free stamp on my coffee card so I got a coffee ice cream smoothie, extra large and with whip cream. The productivity and thrifty splurge was inspiring.

When I got home tonight, we threw out the week's menu and went to taco bell for dinner. After which I pulled weeds from the crevice between the sidewalk and the road in front of our house. It's Shark Week so I caught a new episode. I reminisced with Warren about big hair bands and listened to old albums. The endless heavy heat of late summer had finally dissapated and an ever so slight chilly breeze made me shiver.

That's what it was about today - the change of pace was inspiring. It's time to stir the pot.

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  1. I agree, change is definitely in the air...