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06 January 2010

Motivational Activation - A Living Recipe for 2010

Like I said the other day, I feel a new level of consciousness is beginning to take hold.  I perceive a philosophical shift in the thought process of humans and our being.  Because of that I think that my New Year's Resolutions must mirror this transformative phase. My living recipe for 2010 is going to be full of motivational activation.  I'm going to plan for change, open myself to the new energies of the universe yet I will keep my eye open and watching for anything new. 

Even though I am a free thinker and doer, it seems to me that this year I am going to need to do some intensive and creative combining of the aspects of my life in a way that I have never experienced before.  I'm going to have to rethink the very structure of my life and go beyond my current worldview and find the courage to release my old ways of thinking.  I'm going to have to be sure that my heart is fully engaged in everything that I do, with a touch of compassion and faith to take me to the next level.  When I'm making a decision, I need to walk for a while on the path first. 

Although I know this, I must remind myself that everything is connected and that what I do this year will shape all parts of my life and others.  I need to regain balance starting with myself and then with other relationships, resting assured on the fact that we are all in a flux of change. And most necessary and most importantly, I must trust that I am being divinely guided to my highest good.  Cheers to the New Year.  May the universal force be with us all.

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  1. Wow. This is deep. I'm going to have to study it some more. At third read, it seems like something that I, too should try to do.
    After the fourth read, I can see that it is definitely something I need to try. I have to regain balance and rethink my life as it is now.
    I just copied and pasted it so I can study it more.
    Thank you very much,