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21 March 2009

Diggin Holes

We decided today that it was time to deal with our three Leland Cypress pine trees whose flowing evergreen branches gracefully block out the view of our lovely chain link fence. Early in the winter they proudly held up the soft snow as the flakes piled on. But then it froze making the snow heavy and we started to see them slowly droop and lean to one side. The warmer weather came fast and the piles of snow began to drip. Windy weather made the trees sway a little wider than they probably should, losening up their root balls. We tied the trees to the fence as a temporary fix for the dirt by mid-winter was frozen.

However, as spring nears, we can't put it off any longer. The trees are going to have to be dug up and planted just a bit deeper. So for the first day spring, we joined the masses to work outside in the sun which hovered dangerously close to ominous rainclouds. I guess we didn't think it would be such hard work. Finally we got the first tree out. Then we started digging a bigger hole so we could assure the tree roots a better chance at withstanding another harsh winter.

As we dug, we threw the extra dirt clods out onto the grass. The dogs raced to be the first one to grab the dirt and run with it to the corner of the yard where they could feast on the dirty delicacy. So, it was time to take quick break. We ran in the garage to grab water. As we came back out, not two seconds later, we find Bettis, our black lab, sitting happy and satisfied right in the hole.

I guess it was kind of fitting. Bettis turns 3 on Monday. For his 1st birthday, he got a yard of fresh sodded grass. For his 2nd birthday, a little doggie swimming pool. So, for his 3rd, he got an early present - a big dirt hole!

Everyone was diggin the hole

"What? I'm not doin nothin!"

We laughed so hard that I ran, muddy boots and all, to grab the camera and forever save the moment. We still have one more tree to go, but that will have to wait till we rest up. However, we are definitely going to have the dogs dig the hole this time around.

And who said that dogs couldn't do yardwork!

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  1. I love the pictures! Betsy is so cute. And tell him happy birthday from Auntie B.