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20 April 2009

Renew thyself

Pretty much every day, we take our 3 dogs for a long walk. We wind up and around through the neighborhood hills and winding paths of Mt Tabor. I jog anytime I hit flat or semi-sloping downward ground. Sometimes it's a job to lug myself up these long hills but each time I reach the top of one, I feel like I've accomplished something again and again. By the time we are on the home stretch, it's pretty much an easy flowing down hill journey. I feel recharged, revitalized and regenerated. I tell myself that it is worth it to do this every day although sometimes I highly doubt my own advice on this subject!

One day when me and the dogs were completing a rather arduous long walk, I passed by a house where there sat a paper-sized picture frame attached to the fence surrounded by leaves and flowers. Inside the frame there is usually poem or a saying. Used to slowing down to read the motivational message, I gave the dogs a tug to pull over so we could check out the new quote. What I read that day, has stayed with me each and every day, and continues to be my motivation, my every breath and my purpose.

‘Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.’
- Thoreau, from Walden

So that was my problem. I was doing things to renew myself but only when I got to the point that I was about to freak out. These things would replenish me for a little while, maybe a day, maybe a week, maybe even a month. But inevitably, I would start to feel like my batteries were running out again. So when I saw this quote, I saw the light. I must do something for myself every day. Yes! Every day! Maybe even more than once a day, depending on how a particular day is going.

There are so many things that I have discovered that can make me feel anew again. I know what makes me feel good inside so I follow my instincts to seek out these things. But now, I don't wait until I'm completely burnt out. I get right on it. And just in case I forget, when I jog by that house, I'll be reminded!

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  1. You should read the book. I once lost a backpack, or it was stolen, not entirely sure which because I don't trust my memory of item placements. In it was a copy of Walden that I had thoroughly marked up, it could be someone's bible. You'd love it too, I think you would.