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26 April 2009

No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap

I remember when we first got Huckleberry, our yellow labbie. When we enrolled her in puppy kindergarten, our trainer reminded all of us new doggie parents to keep in mind while training our new puppies, that dogs have bad days just like humans. I took that advice to heart because our little Huckleberry proved to be our biggest challenge. Even now, 3 1/2 years later, she still has her bad days.

I'd say most of the time, she is a happy dog, very set in her ways, knows what she wants and how to get it and she pretty much rules the roost in most instances. However, she always gives us an early warning sign, foreshadowing the type of day we will have with her. She always picks the most inopportune times. A weekend day, a vacation day, a day we are a bit under the weather.

Early this morning, Warren, who had gotten a sudden case of the cold and flu yesterday, couldn't sleep so he went into the office to sleep on the futon. He closed the door so he could get some much needed rest away from the dogs. Huckleberry would have none of this. Warren is her person and she wanted to be right next to him. She whined and whined until he finally let her in. She curled up beside him, gave a happy grunt and went to sleep. Yet just a few minutes later decided that she wanted to get up and so should everyone else. The whining started again. So she got thrown out of the office - again. Where she proceeded to sit next to me on our bed and whine some more. I took her little face in my hands and pulled her close. I said to her "So is this how it's going to be today? You are going to give no rest for the weary are you?" She looked back up at me and gave me her answer in a grunt and then a whine. Lovely. She had decided she was going to be a pain in the patooshka today.

The two boys are so easy. They are happy with whatever is in store for them that day. If the walk is shorter than usual, the routine changed up a bit, that's ok with them. But Huckleberry will have none of it. She is a routine driven dog and if you vary it in any way, she gets very flustered with us. When it's time to eat she tells us, when it's time for her walk she paces by her hanging leash. If we are in anyway behind schedule, we hear about it.

Today she got her breakfast, a walk, lots of lovin, dog treats, an apple and she's still not satisfied. I'm trying to blog and she's in the next room whining. I've decided to ignore her for the time being. She'll settle in soon to nap next to Warren who's sleeping on the couch. She gets more love and attention than a lot of dogs so I have to remember our trainer's advice. She's having herself a day today and that is just how it's going to be.

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