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18 July 2010

Going, Going, Gone!

 Last weekend we went to the coast to meet up with my sister who had rented a beach house.  Since it was a last minute decision to go, we couldn't take the dogs to the dog ranch so we bravely loaded them into the car and headed down the highway.  We only stayed one night and it ended up going pretty good.  Lots of walks on the beaches, left the pooches pretty chill. 

The next morning we put a stake in the grass and tethered the dogs so we could have a little freedom and time away from holding leashes and supervising (don't you wish you could do that with the kids? ha!).   As we were hanging on the upper decks, keeping one eye on the dogs, our yellow lab, Huckleberry, began to whine as she always does when she's not getting all the attention.  My nephew Riley decided to go give them some love.  I grabbed my camera so I could get a could shot of them all together.  What happened next made laugh my ass off and got the rest of the clan to come look at what my neice Hope and I were howling at, and best of all I actually caught it all on film! 

Hey pups, whats happenin'

Going, Going...

Oh man, my aunt got this all on camera.
I'm so screwed!

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