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13 June 2010


Yesterday, about mid day, I realized I was in serious need of a nap.  I knew without a doubt that the second my head touched the pillow, I'd be gone to dreamland for a long long time.  You know, that kind of tired that you get when you sleep in the same position for hours.  Well, I had the most coolest revelation as I was laying there completely aware of the sensations in my body as I was falling asleep.  As my body relaxed, it seemed to me that the energy in my body was alive and in full force.  As I lay there, I focused in on this.  It seemed that the vibrations moved like waves, starting in my head and rolling down through my shoulders, over my chest and down my back. I almost couldn't feel my body on the couch.  It was as if I was as light as a feather, floating just slightly above.   As it got to my legs, my feet started to tingle and this overwhelmving sensation came over me as if I was connected to the network of the energy of life.  I began to drift weightless on the most comfortable cloud.  When I awoke some hours later, my mind was at peace and my body refreshed.There is nothing cooler than knowing without a doubt that I am part of something bigger.  It keeps me alive, fully grounded and intertwined with the divine.

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