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17 February 2009

How to relax

Dude I had the coolest weekend. I was so tired all week from staying up late almost every night. I swear I never got to bed until like 10 or 11pm. Yep. Saturday morning we arose about 9am. I woke up first. I snuck up to my dresser to get out the card for Warren that I'd been hiding for a month. (I'm a freaky card buyer, I love buying cards) I put it in front of his half open eyes and giggled - ha! I beat him to it! He smiled and read his card and laughed. Then he told me to go out into the man-room and get my card. So I walk out into the garage and there's this card that says 'Sarah, the Wonderful'. Oh that is my warren, I love him. I read my card back in bed with the dogs listening in.

Eventually we get out of bed and make our way to Elmers for breakfast but alas, everyone and their dog is there and it's like an hours wait. So I guess we'll have to go to the trendy, expensive, neighborhood gourmet joint - The Country Kat. Ah Darn! After being wined and dined with equisite pancakes with buttery cinnamoned apples, stumptown coffee, perfect eggs over medium, home fries, and a basket of buttery brownsugared homemade fresh that morning cinnamon rolls, we roll ourselves back home.

The dogs have not been walked yet which means that they are crazy right now. If we don't walk them, there will be no afternoon nap for them. We end up walking all over the trails of Tabor and up hills noone should have to climb. But it was an intense and beautiful walk up there among the spirits of mt tabor. I love this mountain. I feel so incredibly lucky to live by such a spiritual landmark. Everytime we are there I greet the spirits of the mountain. The giant firs and pines envelop me in their protective branches. The dogs love it too. For there is a lot to sniff and many places to leave their mark. An hour or so later, we get home. The dogs tongues are hanging to the floor so we have done our job! We settle in for a long nap.

A few hours later we wake up, but only cuz Huck has to pee. I lay on the couch for an hour more, getting my beauty rest. Finally, we shower and decide we need drinks! Because it's valentines day Warren says I can go anywhere (within the budget of course). So, yep, I pick 'The Observatory'. A new hip, urban locale, on the verge of expensive and once again, in our neighborhood. The place is really cool. Warren, I can tell, immediately does not like it. When he sees the menu, it is further confirmed that he will only be having a drink but that yeah, I can go ahead and have dinner - he'll just grab a burger later. By myself, burger later? No, uh uh, you boy, you are gonna eat yourself some dinner here. I finally talk him into sharing the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. However, he gags when the food comes and holy shit, there's these green things all over the plate. Oh man, it's just brussel sprouts. They aren't gonna bite you. I devour them quickly because of two reasons. First there's nothing like organically grown, garlicky, lightly fried brussels sprouts and secondly, Warren might pass out if I don't get them off the plate soon. We both end up really digging the dinner and the two really good, realllllly good lemon drops. We even spring for desert - a chocolate peanut butter carmel upside down mud cake. We are buzzed when we leave.

Let me interject here - I didn't mention the guitar player. There was this amazingly romantic spanish guitar player at the restaurant. You know me, I get weak in the knees when this kind of music surrounds my whole aura with exotic love. I couldn't help it. I ask Warren to tip him and buy one of his CD's. I will post a song on here soon. Get ready to slow dance!

When we get home, we chill out to some tunes and hang in the man room. Eventually Jason comes over to play darts with Warren. So I decide to turn on the tube. Guess what was just starting - the 2-hr replay of Grey's anatomy - that I missed on Thurs. You see I try to have 'TV nights' but 3-4 dogs and a husband and drinking wine, I sometimes forget that my show is on. So you can imagine my excitement. I settled in to watch 2 hours solid of TV.

What was cool about today was that I did nothing basically. I got to be a professional lounger. I didn't have to do anything, except walk the dogs, that always has to happen. But that walk bought me a long nap later. I totally like to be busy, but when I take time off from the craziness, I seriously like to be sure that I do nothing. My house was a pigsty, we hadn't cleaned for weeks. It smelled dark and dank like old winter. The couch blankets were full of fur and dust. The floors completely covered by dust bunnies and crumbs. Laundry overflowing. You get the picture. But I let it all go for a whole day and night. I put my rose colored glasses on and went about my day in a happy lazy daze. It's the only way to truly relax - to let go completely.

Now I'm not sayin Sunday was the same story. We got our asses right in gear the next morning and cleaned the livin shit out of the house. For hours. So, I start this week out, fully relaxed, fully rested and fully have a clean house and all my laundry done. I still couldn't get up to my alarm clock Monday morning though. As I said before, I'm not one to be awoken unnaturally. But I do like to be organized once in a while.


  1. Hee Hee! You must read my blog tonight - I too, commented on how I like a clean and organized house! We must get it from Mom & Dad...

  2. Ha, I need my house clean and I can't get out of bed in the morning either. Those are some dominant Y. genes!