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19 February 2009

Oh my aching back

Being hurt or sicks sucks and it's so incredibly wonderful when there is someone around who can take care of you. Warren has so completely taken care of me through broken fingers, toes cut on glass, a broken tail bone, a fractured ankle, a horrible respiratory infection, digestive issues... to name a few. And in turn, I become his ever loving caretaker when he's down for the count. I've nursed him through colds, flus, kidney infections, a hernia surgery, sprained ankles, deep cuts and a smashed finger. It's what true love really is. Anyone can make it through the good times, the fun times, the healthy times. But to take care of someone you love is the real thing baby.

So, I'm drivin home today marveling that I have so much energy and I even missed my 3pm coffee today. I call Warren and he tells me that he is not walking the dogs tonight because he pulled his sciatic nerve (sp?), bending over to pick up a sock. Dude, that sucks. I immediately start to mentally prepare the herbs and tinctures he'll need, the schedule of advil, hot packs and comfy bed on the couch. He asks if he should see a doctor. I say yes, let's get you into the chiropractor right away. Mind you, Warren has never been to the chiro and probably never would have except... He hesitates but he's in so much pain. Yes, he asks me to get an appointment. I get him a slot tomorrow at 1:30 and reassure him that it's all gonna be ok.

When I was a kid I remember my dad always hurting his back playing basketball. I remember mom bringing him home laying flat in the back of the pick up. He'd crawl into the house moaning in pain and stay in bed until the pain subsided. My parent's didn't drink when us kids lived there but I am almost positive he had my mom hit the liquor store sometimes - just to ease the pain of the strained muscles!

So tonight I am Nurse Betty. I got warren full of advil, put tiger balm on his back and got him situated on the couch with the TV remote, a hot water bottle, a coke, and lots of strategically placed pillows to ease the pressure on his back. I even cooked pasta and garlic bread. Why do I do it? Because I love him. Because he'd do it for me in a flash. Because I wouldn't have it any other way.

It sounds dreamy doesn't it. Well I hate to break through your reality shield but when Warren's sick, he's also a pain in the patooshka. He's blinded by his pain or sickness. It consumes him. Maybe it's his one chance as a man in life to actually break down a little bit and let someone take care of you. Men are always so courageous and brave in most anything. But when sickness or injury strikes, they really need a woman around. It's true! You know what I'm talkin about!

It's funny cuz when I'm sick, I prefer to let everything go. I prefer to give in to it, take whatever will make me feel better whether it's advil, shots of whiskey, a massage, a good visit to the chiro or doc... But it is a beautiful feeling to know that when it comes right down to it, there's someone to cry to, to yell to about the pain. There's someone who'll hold you and hug you and rock you until you fall asleep. That is love. That is the love of a mother to her child, a husband to a wife, a wife to her husband. The kind of love that knows no bounds.

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