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12 June 2009

The Adventures of Doug Gordon

We have a new addition to our family. He's two inches tall and his name is Doug Gordon and he is our Garden Gnome. What, you think I'm cheesy? WHATEVER! Doug Gordon has only been at our house for 1 day and he has already had quite an adventure. We took him out to sit by the fire with us last night. He thought that was totally cool. (Double click on the picture to your left to see Gordon!)

Later we found him roaming about the wood pile.

In the morning, I found him high up in the trees.

You laugh do you? Well my friend, it's quite normal for gnomes to roam. They have quite a sense of adventure and can sometimes disappear from your garden for a time. Usually they are off sightseeing around the world. At least ours hasn't left the property yet. We feel very secure, indeed, with Doug Gordon the Garden Gnome as our watchful protector. Should you come to visit, be sure to say hi to him as he lurks stealthy around our garden!

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  1. I am glad Doug Gordon likes his new home! You nut.