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23 June 2009

My Happy Place

I've got dreams in hidden places and extra smiles for when I'm blue. ~Author Unknown

Tuesday was not good to me. Monday was not either. And there's nothing that will change that. Why worry over why, but instead I just accept it. So, I've got to go to my happy place for a while. The place where my dreams reside and sometimes if I'm lucky, collide with reality.

My happy place varies from time to time but the foundation of it remains consistent. Today my happy place is over on my 7 acres of dreamland that I own. Enough space between the neighbors for me. Enough space for me to get away and be lost in my blue thoughts.

There's a small flowing creek that runs through the whole land. I lighten up when I put my feet in the cool water. Everything is safeguarded by a wall of enormous redwoods, doug firs, cedars, and pines. Pine cones litter the landscape. This fortification gives me a sense of security. A meadow full of wildflowers spreads out in a sunny clearing with butterflies, bees and birds feasting off the colorful array of pollens. The rainbow of beauty puts a grin on my face.

Mostly what calms me is the silence which is not really silent. No cars, no airplanes, no humming of appliances, no phones, no civilization to harsh my mellow. The silence here is a stillness that is gently suspended at times with the flapping of birds wings or the water current meeting rocks in the creek. Sometimes the wind or a forest dweller rustles the tall grasses.

Here I can think. Here there is harmony. Here the spirits are uninhibited and do not worry about being seen. I am so contented and blissful here. Here I am one with the natural world. Here I belong. Here, is where I exist, subsist, and feel alive.

Staying here eternally is not an option. Visiting here is a choice. Before I set foot on the path that will take me back to an indisputable complex existence, a deep inhale of my breath will capture the taste of the air, a concluding glance at the splenor around me, and a pluck of the scented bark from the forest tree, will take a picture in my mind that will refresh the illustration of this happy place. With my reserves replenished and stocked up, my exodus back to reality is stockpiled with a repaired psyche and freshened approach to life. Tomorrow now assures it will be good to me.

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  1. I would like to join you in your happy place... perhaps over a bottle or two of wine this weekend we can both make a short appearance in happyland??