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17 June 2009

The Last of the Greatest Addictions

"On the eighth day God created coffee so that people like me could experience those seven other days." ~ Anonymous

>Did I happen to mention ever that I love coffee? I have loved it since the moment I first tasted it. My grandmother used to brew coffee after a large meal to serve with dessert. The smell of the coffee brewing in the kitchen would literally make me drool. As a kid, I would beg the adults for a little taste of their coffees for each adult liked their coffee a little different. Some took it only black, others with cream, others with sugar, others would just take it in a shot glass. The different tastes of their coffees delighted my senses. My mother did not approve as I well now know why, but we will get to that in a minute. As a teenager, I would day dream about the day where I would wake up in my very own apartment and leisurely brew myself a pot. Then I'd sit down at the kitchen table to read the paper and sip my coffee.

Now, as an adult, I dwell in the house of coffee and my blood type is caffeine (well, ok and a little merlot). Actually, now, as an adult, there is no time to sip my coffee and read the paper because I am running late for one thing (never can seem to get up on time), and I'm busy walking and feeding dogs, throwing together my lunch, taking a shower and running out the door in the nik of time. I do still have dreams (delusions maybe) of actually getting up early enough to sip my coffee while reading the news on the internet.

So, I don't just love coffee, I love serious coffee. I like it all ways but it must be good coffee and it must be ground fresh each morning and it must be strong - strong enough that I can almost smell myself awake. Mostly I drink my coffee black - a pure, unadulterated brew. After years of taking cream, I am weaning myself off the artery clogging stuff. I started with hazelnut milk - mmmmmmm delish but expensive. Then moved to soy milk. Now I'm milk free and pretty much cool with that now. Stumptown coffee is my absolute fav and I will skip a meal to save enough $ to by those special beans.

Along with loving the taste of coffee, I have developed a habit-forming daily routine. I cannot go without my morning coffee which follows me around as I sleep-walk through the house getting ready for work. Late morning and early afternoon coffees are a given and if I have an evening engagement, it goes without saying that I'll down another cup to be able to stay up past 10pm.

Over the years, I've found myself in various stages of coffee addiction and have always been able to keep it somewhat under control. I would never even THINK of going without my morning cup of joe, but I may (just maybe) skip the afternoon cup if alls going well. If I don't need the jolt but am craving the taste, you'll find me brewing a cup of decaf - I like it that much. Science reports, doctors and the media say a lot of things about coffee and caffeine and you should give it up. Like I said before, maybe I'm just in denial, but I think I have this 'addiction' under control. I'd stop drinking coffee, but I have a lot of reasons not too - my coffee is fair trade, organic, locally roasted and sold, it tastes of heaven, and hey, I'm no quitter!

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  1. You need to ignore all the media hype and just enjoy your cups of joe! They say everything is bad but I say all is good in moderation. Plus I have seen you without your coffee and it is best you continue the consumption for all those around you. xoxoxoxox