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15 July 2009

Bad Morning Mojo

This morning my alarm went off, and it went off, and it went off. I consciously decided that I would not get up right away, or rather, maybe that decision was made unconsciously since I was incoherent at the time I made it.

So I woke up late with a half hour to get to work on time. I raced into the kitchen to get the dogs fed and make coffee. Oh crap, I forgot to buy coffee on my way home from work yesterday. Not even a tiny little coffee ground to suck on anywhere. Now that is bad. I stood there in the kitchen for a moment in a daze. What do I do now? I've never not had coffee first thing in the morning. Come on Sarah, get yourself together. Slowly it sinks in that I can do this. I can get ready without my coffee. Or can I.

I stopped contemplating my dilemma only because I was getting seriously frustrated and the clock was ticking. I don't know how I did it, the memory of it all is so cloudy, but I made it out the door ready to go to work. The only thing that kept me functioning was that I knew I'd stop by the coffee shop down the street on my way to work, but no, the gods of time would not allow it. Seems that now I had 20 minutes to get to work - on time, allowing no extra minutes for a coffee pit stop. It would not have been out of character for me to make up some excuse to be late to work in order to assure I got my coffee. However, today I could not be late. I had a meeting starting the second I walked in the door. You have got to be kidding me, I was going to drive to work without my coffee. I could make it, I thought. I'd get there just in time to make my appearance and run out the door for my cup of joe.

The drive to work was arduous. I'm telling you I got behind every sunday driver and because of them, hit every red light. Then I got in the wrong lane in a construction site and had to wait as jerks with their fresh coffees drove past me without giving me a glance. Usually I listen to the radio, but today was pure rigid silence. Something about not having my coffee made me forget all my usual routines and seriously messed up my mojo. I pulled into the parking garage at work with 1 minute to spare. It was at that moment that I realized that it was now or never. If I didn't get my coffee now, I would implode and plus I could feel a mean headache coming on from lack of caffeine.

At the risk of being late with no excuse, I ran into the coffee shop next to my office. I was met with a line of people waiting to order. No No No No No. This could not be happening. Impatiently, I waited in line. I avoided all eye contact, making it clear that I am not in any mood to chat. I ordered my coffee - an extra large with an add shot - gotta make up for lost time.

As the elevator door closed to take me up to the 7th floor, I closed my eyes, raised my cup and took my long awaited sip of coffee. Ahhhhhhhh. Ok, I think I'm going to make it. I took one more gulp for good measure, put my smile on and stepped out of the elevator. Everything was going to be ok now. I silently resolved to get up on time tomorrow and made a mental note to buy some coffee beans on my way home today. I will definitely do the latter but I cannot guarantee what time I will drag my ass out of bed tomorrow morning.


  1. Hilarious... only because I've been there - done that! You should have called in sick - I mean, finding yourself out of coffee is definitely a medical emergency in my book.

  2. LOL!!! You should start stashing coffee grounds like I used to stash cigs so you always have a spare!