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21 July 2009


Meet Nugget. Nugget Renker, soon to be a soul on a human journey. Nugget decided that the time was right and that Barb and Daryl would be it's human parents. These parents-to-be have yet to encounter the utmost beauty of a soul being born, of teaching it human existence all the while nurturing it's soul. Nugget has a reason for coming into their lives. It is going to teach us all something.
My sister Barb, in her happy place
7 weeks or so from now, Barb will be giving birth. For Barb's sake, let's just say 7 weeks and no later! My other two sisters and I will be there to assist with her first birth and to rescusitate Daryl when he passes out. Beginning next month, we will all pack a 'hospital to go' bag that will accompany us everywhere. When word comes that Nugget has decided to arrive, we will step back from our busy lives, say a prayer, grab our bags, hope for light traffic and drive down the I-5 for three hours. When the three of us reach the hospital and begin our march toward the birthing unit, we will transform from wives and mothers into tribal sisters, joining our laboring sister, all banded together by a fierce unbreakable bond of perfect synergy. Nugget will be born into the sister tribe. Nugget knew what it was doing, not only when it decided on who it's parents would be, but also who it's Aunties would be. We welcome you to the tribe, Nugget, and we are very excited to meet you.

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  1. 7 weeks MAX! Oh sister I love you xoxoxoxoxoxo