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30 July 2009

Please RSVP

I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination. ~Anon.

Finally! A phrase I can use. I cannot tell you how many people I wish I had told this to or how many will hear it now. Some people live in a rose colored fog. Swirling with pretenses and fabrications of their mind. I, well, I prefer to not harsh my mellow and rather like to presume my standard M.O. is more like a somewhat down to earth opaque mist. I'm not afraid to admit that my skies are not totally clear. However, there are plenty of delusionals around and now I have a polite way of avoiding the entrance of their mindtrap. I'm happy here in my little world. Not every day is good, not every day is chill. Some days the planets are just not in alignment and the whole universe is out of whack. But more often than not, I sit in a happy medium. Content and thankful for NOW. I will not be burdoned by missteps of the past or fail to appreciate lessons learned. Nor will I lose sleep over future unknowns (I like to sleep too much). So, sorry, but I won't be joining the madness.

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