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23 July 2009

Miracles Seriously Do Happen Sometimes

So, last month we just celebrated our 11th year together and tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary. Cool huh. Well, we usually hit the beach and camp on our anniversary. This year, however, we were a little late in making plans and the campgrounds on the Oregon Coast here fill up 9 months in advance. So after calling all the sites and searching online for a whole evening, I gave up and rented us a hotel room, lower level, with a private balcony that opened right out to the sandy beach. THE only hotel that would allow 3 dogs to accompany us. Yes, that is right, this year we are bringing the dogs with us instead of dropping them off at the dog ranch beforehand.

After the hotel was reserved, I forgot about everything for a few weeks. But something was nagging at me - the cost of the hotel. It was under $160 for one night including pet fees but it WAS a beachfront room. Still it was a lot of money to spend for just one night. We're trying to be a little more thrifty during these lean times. Finally I got tired of agonizing over it and canceled the reservation. We'd just drive up to the beach for the day, run the dogs, grab some fish n chips in town, watch the sun go down, have a fire on the beach then drive home. That was fine with us. Basically we just wanted to get out of town anyway.

So today, I'm at work and a co-worker hears of our change of plans. She tells me about a campground that she just made reservations at a week ago. County campgrounds apparently do not fill up as fast as state campgrounds. I call and the host tells me they are completely booked. We chat awhile about the campground and the area and talk about how it's our anniversary. Ah well, no big deal, it was worth the try. Mental note for next time!

After work I'm walking to my car and my phone rings. It's the campground host. She says it's my lucky day, a campsite just became available. Now check this out, when I talked to her earlier nothing was spoken about a cancellation list or a call back. After thanking her profusely, I booked the sight, we packed our camping gear and are ready to hit the beach tomorrow. Miracles do happen. Things just work out sometimes. Very cool!

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