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05 July 2009


Saturday was Tahoe's 2nd birthday so he got to spend the day with his mama and papa. Before the blazing sun had heated the atmosphere too much, we headed out in the truck, just the three of us, to Sauvie Island. With the windows down and the music cranked, we cruised down Highway 30 as Tahoe sat in between us watching with anticipation out the window. Soon after arriving on the island we found a huge berry patch. We pulled over and took a long walk down the winding paths of almost ripe marionberries and raspberries. Tahoe helped show us which berries were the best to eat and let us know when it was time to take a break in the shade and drink some cool water. Along the walk he saw roosters defending their territory and chickens wandering through the wild flowers.

Next we hit the beach. By now it was pretty hot so we had to run through the burning hot sand to get down to the water. Tahoe didn't even think twice. He cruised right into the water and splashed around. Then he just took off and started swimming. There have been a lot of firsts with Tahoe, as I have mentioned before. And this swimming this was a first. He had never been swimming before except in his shallow doggie pool. We struggled to get the camera so as not to miss this moment. As he swam, he looked up at me and caught my eye as if to say, Oh mama, I can swim. I gave him an encouraging look back and urged him on. He swam and swam. By the time we walked back to the car he was pretty much dried off. On the way home, as the hot wind from the highway blew through the truck, he curled up into my lap and fell asleep. The whole way home we boasted like proud parents of his special day. Firsts are important in everyone's lives. I think they are extra important when someone like Tahoe who has had a rough start to their life and doesn't get to do things that all of us never think twice about. He swam today! This little boy swam like he'd been swimming his whole life. When we see how far he's come each day, we can't help but be proud of his firsts!

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